About Us

handshakewhiteA division of Celebrity Talent Promotions¬†and NOPACTalent, CelebrityEndorsementsDeals.com represents advertising agencies, public relations firms and corporate clients in the acquisition of celebrities and athletes for corporate endorsements. Our endorsement agents have extensive experience in negotiating contracts on our client’s behalf, securing the perfect celebrity.

Many large advertising agencies book endorsements through us for our experience and knowledge of the industry. We have access to over 3,000 popular celebrities and have done extensive research to determine their market appeal, popularity and commercial value. Our database of celebrities are available for endorsement campaigns such as TV commercials, spokesperson campaigns, website endorsements, various types of promotions, media events, personal appearances, and speaking engagements. As an industry leader, CelebrityEndorsementDeals.com has successfully secured hundreds of sports figures and celebrities for corporate clients.

We work closely with our clients to determine the best-suited celebrity needed to best reach your target market, taking various factors into consideration such as budget, campaign goals and and reach.

Many of the top celebrities in entertainment, business and sports make themselves available to help market products like yours to the forefront of public attention and consumer awareness. In many cases, the presence of a celebrity spokesperson lends the credibility necessary to launch a new product successfully into today’s competitive marketplace.

Over the years, celebrity agent Ryan Totka and his team has built close relationships with all of the top celebrities, public relations firms and celebrity agents, which allow us direct access to virtually any celebrity and sports figure, entertainer or public figure in the world. Our mission is to provide the best service of bringing together corporations and famous celebrities.

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