Athlete Endorsements

Current and former professional athletes are often involved in athlete endorsement campaigns to advertise specific products. In today’s sports and celebrity obsessed culture, a famous face instantly makes a product more newsworthy – whether a personality is photographed using their chosen product in everyday life, or in staged photos or appearances. In a market saturated with celebrity images, use of the right face provides immediate recognition.

An example of a successful athlete endorsement is Tiger Woods’ relationship with Nike.  Nike teamed up with the world’s most prolific golfer to enter the arena of golf apparel and equipment, including shoes.  Prior to being paired with Woods, a worldwide household name, the Nike corporation had little to no experience in the golf apparel industry. It was generally considered that a brand like Nike would not be very successful in the realm of golf.  However, Nike chose to associate with the world’s top golfer and have him endorse their brand.  Because of this strategic move via an athlete endorsement, Nike has emerged highly successful in the golf industry.

Major corporations and small businesses alike use celebrities to advertise their product or service because of the familiarity aspect. The average person often recognizes most celebrities, and this recognition draws the customer to the infomercial.

Celebrity Endorsements Deals will ensure a match between the product being presented in the infomercial and the celebrity appearing in it, so that the connection is able to strongly influence the thought processes of your target consumers and create a positive perception of your brand.