Popular Celebrity Endorsers

CelebrityEndorsementDeals.com is a full-service, celebrity endorsement booking agency. Our expertise extends across all areas of the industry, from securing celebrity endorsement deals, negotiating endorsement contracts, as well as creating successful branding and marketing campaigns for celebrities. Booking celebrities for product endorsements is certainly one of our many specialties. Call us at 888.246.7141 to speak to an agent about a product endorsement or fill our our endorsement form online. Below is a list of popular celebrities that are associated with product and company endorsements:

Chuck Norris and The Total Gym Home Fitness System
Thurman Thomas and Better Trades
Eva Longoria and Bebe Sport
Lauren Conrad and Avon
Dr. Dre and Dr. Pepper
Kasey Kahne and Atlanta Attorney’s Glass and Robson
Refridgerator Perry and KFC
Mike Ditka and Bodog
Spud Webb and Puma
Petra Nemcova and Fortunoff
Dakota Fanning and Marc Jacobs
Rihanna and Cover Girl
Christina Ricci and Louis Vuitton
Bob Dylan and iTunes/iPod
Robert De Niro and American Express
Gwyneth Paltrow and Estée Lauder
George Foreman and The Foreman Grills
Madonna and Versace
Catherine Zeta-Jones and T-Mobile
Florence Henderson and Polident
William Shatner and Priceline
Paris Hilton and Carl’s Jr.
Ashton Kutcher and Nikon Coolpix
Derek Jeter and Gilette
Peyton Manning and Direct TV
Dan Marino and Nutrisystem
Michael Jordan and Nike
Jeff Gordon and TAG Heuer
Danica Patrick and GoDaddy
Charles Barkley and T-Mobile
David Beckham and Adidas
Doug Flutie and Flutie Flakes
Phil Mickelson and Calloway
Dwayne Wade and Converse
Yao Ming and Reebok
Brady Quinn and EAS Nutrition
Kasey Kahne and Vitamin Water
Maria Sharapova and Canon
Coach Mike Krzyzewski and American Express
Lebron James and Powerade
John Madden and Electronic Arts
Tony Hawk and Activision
Michael Phelps and Speedo
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Wrangler Jeans