Radio Endorsements

Celebrity radio endorsements have long been a favorite marketing tool of companies with products or services to sell. Instant recognition attracts the desired target audience and makes the product they are promoting more visible. Audiences have a higher recall of, and can be more persuaded by, radio ads containing celebrities.

Celebrity radio endorsements are a staple in advertising. A vast majority of recognizable radio advertisements feature a familiar voice. The reason is simple: celebrity sells. Consumers pay attentions to celebrities because people are inherently attracted to a familiar face and voice. But celebrities don’t always have to be major national names to bring attention to your radio campaign. Local and regional celebrities can also help pitch a marketing message for your business.  Some examples? James Earl Jones was one of the first recognizable celebrity radio endorsements. Julia Roberts has done radio endorsements for AOL. Kelsey Grammer has lended his articulate speaking manner to advertisements as well. You may recognize Queen Latifah’s voice on radio ads for Pizza Hut.

The celebrity experts at Celebrity Endorsement Deals can offer access to a wide variety of celebrities, athletes and experts to fit your clients’ needs for any celebrity voiceover campaign.  With years of experience negotiating specific deals for clients, we can offer the insight needed to help you find the right celebrity spokesperson to fit your marketing campaign.  Beyond negotiating the deal with the spokesperson, we are able to generate media coverage for your campaign.

Allow us to help you determine the objective of your campaign and find the best celebrity to provide a radio endorsement to fit your brand. The celebrity endorsements we are able to provide will become a building block for an unforgettable marketing campaign.