Sports Endorsements

With sports imagery saturating the market and our popular culture, use of the right face provides immediate recognition to a product or service. A famous face from the world of sports instantly makes a product more newsworthy – whether a celebrity is photographed using their chosen product in everyday life, or in staged photos or appearances.

Some examples of company endorsements: David Beckham is the most recent celebrity endorsing Adidas sportswear. Michael Phelps has been featured in Hanes commercials since winning eight medals in the 2008 Olympic Games. And a laundry list of athletes in the NFL, NBA and NBL endorse Under Armor sportswear apparel.

Major companies use celebrities to advertise their product or service because of the familiarity aspect. The average person often recognizes most celebrities, and this recognition draws the customer to the infomercial. In the case of sports endorsements, celebrity credibility is subconsciously transferred to the brand – increasing consumer trust of the product, as well as awareness. Use of the right celebrity can accelerate brand-building more quickly than a marketing plan not using these types of images.

Celebrity Endorsement Deals will ensure a match between the product being presented in the infomercial and the celebrity appearing in it, so that the connection is able to strongly influence the thought processes of your target consumers and therefore create a positive perception of your brand.