This Sparkly Unicorn Chocolate Is About as Rare as a Real Unicorn, but OMG

One UK candy company is getting in on the mythical creature fun with their limited-edition unicorn chocolate bar. Ritter Sport crafted a mere 50 of these sparkly treats, but by all reports they’re absolutely incredible. The flavor is “white chocolate with a yogurt and raspberry-cassis rainbow,” and naturally there’s a layer of edible glitter on top of each chocolaty bite.

The superexclusive bars already appear to have been distributed to lucky influencers (and unicorn enthusiasts) across the UK, so that noise you just heard? It’s the sound of our hearts breaking. Check out these incredible photos from some of the lucky unicorn chocolate recipients – maybe if we stare at them long enough, Ritter will decide to mass-produce this magical treat for the rest of us.

If you thought our unicorn cake tutorial was the end of unicorn-inspired desserts, we’re happy to report that you’re wrong. Unicorns have taken over fudge, cupcakes, chocolate bark, and even milkshakes, and they show no sign of stopping!